New Mexico median household income

The first map here we are comparing the counties of New Mexico with percentiles. The data is divided up into 4 categories with 8-9 counties in each of the categories. The counties with the least income around $26,000 – $31,000 are about half clustered and half grouped in the state. The counties in the next smallest income category at $31,001 – $35,000 are fairly scattered throughout the state. The next category at incomes from $36,000 – $42,000 is also mostly spread out with a couple groupings together. The highest income has grouping of half in southern New Mexico and the other half grouped up in north-west New Mexico at $43,000 – $110,000 of income.

The second graph shows New Mexico’s income of natural breaks, examining where there are large gaps in the numbers. From the natural breaks, there are 5 different categories. The first income is from $26,060 – $27,602 in which four counties are in this range, spread out throughout the state. The second income category is from $29,168 – 36,089 with thirteen counties covering it – noticing it to be the average. The third income category ranges from $38,240 – $43,533 with nine counties in the range being mostly in the south of New Mexico. The fourth category is from $49,686 – $60,703 with only six counties covering it in the north and south of New Mexico. The last category falls at $110,190 of median household income with leaving only one county and the smallest county that has some significance involving it.

Synthetic Statements

The “verification principle of meaning” means that we see a difference in the world because of synthetic statements and the meaning behind them. An article on sea level rising shares a synthetic statement: “‘Sea level rise will affect every county in the US, including inland areas'” (Dilkina). This statement may be true in the moment, but it can change in the future. Heres the link to the article:

Geography means…

Geography means ‘writing the world’. Based on what I see around the world, I notice there are different features of land throughout the world, and many different kinds of impact within our land. Geographers study many different parts of the world and research the land’s present, past, and future, and what has been impacted. Geographers research by visiting parts of the world.


I am Olivia Haley and I am studying geography to further my knowledge and explore more on the subject incase I want to major in it.