Comparing field notes

While many of us took notes on downtown Fredericksburg, observed different ways. Some students just wrote down what exactly they saw, who was there, and what kind of buildings were around them. Others drew a small map of where they were observing while describing what they saw as well. When looking at multiple versions of the same assignment, I noticed that field notes can be however you want to format them but still describing what you are observing.


I did a small study with people going to the dining hall at a certain time. During this time, I made many observations every time I went. Prediction: Students purposely make their schedule around 12-12:30pm to eat lunch and are all hungry at this time. Theory: A majority of the UMW staff and students eat lunch from 12-12:30 pm. Test: During this time, all the tables are occupied when I get there. The lines take about 5-10 minutes to get food in each station. According to Popper’s ideas, this could count as an extreme test, because the hypothesis/theory can be denied various ways.