New Mexico median household income

The first map here we are comparing the counties of New Mexico with percentiles. The data is divided up into 4 categories with 8-9 counties in each of the categories. The counties with the least income around $26,000 – $31,000 are about half clustered and half grouped in the state. The counties in the next smallest income category at $31,001 – $35,000 are fairly scattered throughout the state. The next category at incomes from $36,000 – $42,000 is also mostly spread out with a couple groupings together. The highest income has grouping of half in southern New Mexico and the other half grouped up in north-west New Mexico at $43,000 – $110,000 of income.

The second graph shows New Mexico’s income of natural breaks, examining where there are large gaps in the numbers. From the natural breaks, there are 5 different categories. The first income is from $26,060 – $27,602 in which four counties are in this range, spread out throughout the state. The second income category is from $29,168 – 36,089 with thirteen counties covering it – noticing it to be the average. The third income category ranges from $38,240 – $43,533 with nine counties in the range being mostly in the south of New Mexico. The fourth category is from $49,686 – $60,703 with only six counties covering it in the north and south of New Mexico. The last category falls at $110,190 of median household income with leaving only one county and the smallest county that has some significance involving it.

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